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The publication, The Essential Chemical Industry has been produced by the Chemical Industry Education Centre (CIEC) link to section below since 1985. The book is now in its fourth edition, and is used in over 3,000 schools and colleges in the UK.
The Greener Industry website is in response to requests for similar information to be made available in electronic form, and at the same time reflects the many process changes taking place as the chemical industry has responded to increased environmental concerns.
Aimed at post-16 students, the website demonstrates how industry is moving towards a more sustainable approach and what the future may hold for sustainable industry. It focuses on the manufacture of a range of chemicals and substances, discusses their applications and covers many issues such as recycling and the disposal of waste products. Many case studies are included which illustrate the shift towards a 'greener industry'.
The publication of the site is taking place in several phases in order to make material available as soon as possible. The first phase included eight illustrative stories and four green characteristics, and the second phase will continue to expand this range.


We are grateful to the following organisations for providing information and images:

About the York Clean Technology Centre

The Centre, based in the Chemistry Department at the University of York, houses some. 50 staff and graduates working on various aspects of Green Chemistry. The internationally renowned Green Chemistry Group, led by Professor James Clark, is world leading in its research and promotion of Green Chemistry. The group receives substantial funding from many sources including the Research Councils, the European Union and the UK, European and American industrial sponsors with whom they collaborate and other agencies such as local government and Central Government Departments.
The CTC is also a hub for the Green Chemistry Network, which was formed in 1998 and has over 800 members worldwide. The aim of the GCN is to promote the awareness and facilitate education, training and practice of Green Chemistry in industry, academia and schools.

About the CIEC

The Chemical Industry Education Centre was founded in 1988 as a joint venture between the Chemical Industries Association and the University of York. It is sited in the Department of Chemistry at the University.
The aims of the Centre are to:

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