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Annual Production
diagram: ammonia molecule
World production 130 million tonnes.
UK 1.3 million tonnes.
(2000 figures)
Ammonia is one of the most important bulk chemicals because of its role in the production of fertiliser and hence of food. It is produced in over 80 countries worldwide, the major producers are shown in this graph.
graph: ammonia production
graph:ammonia production
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Over the past 30 years the production of ammonia has moved from sites in developed countries to those in less developed countries, in order to be closer to the main markets for fertiliser (e.g. China, India, Indonesia). Less than half of all ammonia production now takes place in developed countries, whereas in the mid 1970s the figure was closer to three quarters.

Ammonia is a naturally produced substance, part of the nitrogen cycle. The 130 million tonnes manufactured annually is estimated to be less than 5% of all the ammonia produced naturally within the nitrogen cycle.

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