main uses

In the region of 85% of all ammonia produced is used in Fertiliser Production.

Other uses include:  
Textiles fibre processing to "relax" cotton fibres during manufacture, reducing tendency to shrink in use
Explosives nitric acid, made from ammonia, is used in explosives manufacture
Refrigeration large scale refrigeration for bulk food storage often use ammonia systems

Water purification

used to manufacture chloramine (NH2Cl), an anti-bacterial compound more persistent than chlorine

Food production ammonium bicarbonate used as a raising agent for biscuits
Rubber production ammonia and ammonium laurate are used to preserve raw latex
Photography ammonium thiosulphate used in fixers for film processing
Metal plating
ammonium carbonate used in chrome plating, ammonium formate and acetate used in other plating processes
Other uses Pulp/ paper manufacture, household cleaners, pharmaceuticals and chemical intermediates
graph:uses of ammonia


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